I'm Sudhanshu Jha.
A Product Manager
based in Delhi, India.

"Any damn fool can make something complex, it takes a genius mind to make something simple."


I have been creating beautiful software products for 4+ years now in different capacities.


Tekion, PM

I currently am the PM on the Payments team at Tekion.


MartNear, Founder

I’ve worked on a wide variety of fields in my brief stint at MartNear & sold it for $50,000.


Razorpay, Software Engineer

I started my development journey with PayU.

Philosophy & values

I think everyone wants the same thing - relationship with humanity, peace with the metaphysical, and experience with the universe. I try to grasp these things with my values: authenticity, creativity, & hospitality.

More about me


Having experience in all aspects of product management, I can own complete lifecycle of the product right from problem discovery to launch and then iterating based on customer feedback.

Product Strategy

I combine business, tech, and design in order to discover products that are valuable, feasible, and usable.

Problem Solving

I help teams and founders create and maintain a clear and defined product and go to market strategy.

Product Launch

I create lean, highly effective MVP experiments. Testing with real people against actual problems to ensure your core assumptions are validated.

Data Analysis

I help identify the right problems to solve so that you build something that your customers will buy, helping you learn more about your customers.


If you area a person who enjoys photography, then I highly recommend that you check out my Instagram. I’m an avid traveller and I capture the best moments that I would love to cherish with the world

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Case Studies Portfolio

Please check out my work on Notion. Feel free to drop your comments there.

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This is what people say about me

Words of appreciation from folks who I worked with.

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‘’Sudhanshu is one of the best product guys I have worked with in my entire life. He is a dedicated PM who is very capable of taking up complex projects and delivers intuitive products.’’
Abhishek Gupta
CEO, Company 1
‘’I think Sudhanshu has an incredible gift. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a PM of this caliber. His cross collab skills are amazing.’’
CEO, Company 2
‘’All I can say that, Sudhanshu is a phenomenal PM. The wavelength at which he thinks is astounding. I love the focus, passion and attention to detail in the products he create.’’
Himanshu Jha
CEO, Company 3

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